So one day you have a website, and then suddenly you are running too many to keep track of!

This happens all too often to many of us here on planet internet-earth. One day w…

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Just a little Gallery of images.....mostly for gloating reasons!

So we all love our ‘puters and the latest tech and our cellphones and XYX boxes and P…

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That VM Project Was a Complete Success, Tablet, Windows 10, Linux VM...and YES!

Since my last post a lot has changed. I have had complete success running a web serve…

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Tim's Resume is available here.

Obviously Tim is always looking for new opportunities and therefore that requires a r…

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f-14-tomcat-wallpaper-10019,1366x768,10019This site is here to point to all my other sites and to my resume and to offer general info about the guy who writes this stuff.

There is not much to say except for everyone who visits the site to check the links on the right and hopefully find information that is useful to potential employers and more importantly to those who wish to learn about WordPress and running your own virtual Machine server (VM).

I am a veteran, from those long lost days when the fighter in the header of this article was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

I have a fairly good grasp on the art of networking, setting up Virtual Machines and most of all helping other folks learn how to use the Internet.

I have numerous projects that I am working on and they will be featured soon. But it is late tonight and I need some sleep.  So on that note I will say thanks for visiting and  subscribe to my RSS feed for the latest on Tim and his computer misadventures.


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Welcome to my New Site!
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