So one day you have a website, and then suddenly you are running too many to keep track of!

This happens all too often to many of us here on planet internet-earth. One day w…

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You know you need a blog? Yep! Only $125/hr and Tim will have you running on the latest Linux!

Yes my friends, Tim works dirt cheap! You are welcome to check around first and then …

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Tim's Resume is available here.

Obviously Tim is always looking for new opportunities and therefore that requires a r…

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Welcome to my New Site!

This site is here to point to all my other sites and to my resume and to offer genera…

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1-dragon-touch-screenshot-Nov23I recently decided to go back to playing with running a server off of a tablet and to tell the truth, I am totally blown away at how well it works!

My extremely inexpensive (read cheap) Dragon Touch X10 tablet and my BLU Studio X phone both run a web server as well as many desktop PC’s would! Sure, they are no competition for my Linux based Virtual machine that this site runs on, but for a small scale development server they could be just the ticket!

I alternate the site between the phone and the tablet based on which one is charged up that particular evening. I do not run the site all day long in most case, because of battery/WiFi keep alive, issues.

Both work equally well on an app called KSWeb, which is essentially a small web server app. You can find it on Google play.

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I wrote about this the other day…but I am so impressed with this, I MUST mention it again!
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