So one day you have a website, and then suddenly you are running too many to keep track of!

This happens all too often to many of us here on planet internet-earth. One day w…

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Welcome to my New Site!

This site is here to point to all my other sites and to my resume and to offer genera…

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Well, Well...Tim's resume will soon be upgraded...Insurance License Baby!

I just got through the first and LAST day of my training for the Kentucky State Healt…

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So we all love our ‘puters and the latest tech and our cellphones and XYX boxes and PS 4’s, etc,etc, ad infinitum.

In truth, I do have a PC with 8gb ram and I run a server off of of it using Linux! I also own a tablet or two and one of them is fully capale of running a web site using WordPress and KSWeb app.

The server is not always online but it is always up when I have a net connection.

It runs on my super duper LogiTab server! Huh? What the hell is a logitab server?, you might be asking.  Well that is when someone does a bit of shopping, doesn’t succumb to the latest bleeding edge trends and gets themselves a Tablet/Bluetooth Keyboard and a USB mouse all for under $160! Yeah, go ahead and stare at your bleeding edge tablet and then if you happen to have one with a full size/normal USB port, raise your hand..uh oh..I am hearing a lot of silence here….

So here are the most recent pics of the Logitab/Dragon Touch X10 server, or as things worked out today…MY CHEAP TABLET!

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Just a little Gallery of images…..mostly for gloating reasons!
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