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These tiny people in my brain are outsourcing me!
These tiny people in my brain are outsourcing me!

So over the last few weeks I have fixed numerous issues on both my Dragon Touch X10 based server and on my primary server on my desktop.

The fact is that I have become way too good at fixing issues and now all is running so well that I can update my sites in just a few minutes and after that there is simply nothing else to do!

Therefore I am regrettably outsourcing myself and have agreed to pay myself the same zero dollar salary for the next 6 months as severance.

While the above is intended as humor, I need something to occupy my brain on my time off. So suggestions are welcome!

Of course if folks were using the yourfreewordpress.com site then things might get a bit more exciting. So maybe ya’ll could head over there and get a free site.


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What To Do When Everything Is Running So Smooth That You Have No Challenges! You Fire Yourself!
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