You know you need a blog? Yep! Only $125/hr and Tim will have you running on the latest Linux!

Yes my friends, Tim works dirt cheap! You are welcome to check around first and then …

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This crazy webmaster is now offering to help out small Car Dealers!

You may or may not know of a small car dealership in your local hometown, but IF …

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A few How To's on Virtual Machines

Like all my sites, this site is just another Virtual Machine run off of VMware and ex…

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This post was posted on the site that hosts THIS site, but I thought it to be worth sharing.

Obviously I own and run this site among numerous other sites which I cross advertise …

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resume1Obviously Tim is always looking for new opportunities and therefore that requires a resume.

For the mental midgets out there, please note, your company has probably invested millions into their servers, and yet Tim has invested roughly $200 to do his own advertising. Additionally he has learned this all by himself, with zero classes from supposed experts at some college. Not to say that college is bad, but nothing beats experience.

The question of course is what does he know? The answer my friends is that given 10-12 hrs of research, there isn’t anything he can’t learn. (with the glaring exemption of touch typing…it just ain’t happening)

So without further ado said resume can be obtained by clicking here for MSWord Document format.

Or if you prefer in Adobe PDF format.

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Tim’s Resume is available here.
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