So anyone out there looking for a Health Insurance Agent?

Just posting this up here, because at last count I am now licensed in 30 states. Not …

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So tonight is a good night...all is running well and I am happy with the state of things.

I realized tonight that I might be doing something that no one else on earth is doing…

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Tim's Resume is available here.

Obviously Tim is always looking for new opportunities and therefore that requires a r…

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61fpMJgQvEL._SL1000_My latest project is going to be a 10.1 inch (or perhaps larger) Tablet, running Windows 10 with a VMWare based Linux web server running inside.

The current candidate is a Chuwi HiBook, but that may change if I find a less expensive tablet. The new tablet will have both Win 10 and Android of course. There is no point in only having one operating system.

Of course it would be nice if a manufacturer sent me one to test out, but that isn’t likely to happen, so alternate plan B is to set a few bucks aside here and there untill the new tablet becomes a viable purchase.

I’ll let folks know how this goes.

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Newest Project, Tablet with Windows 10, running Linux in a VM!
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