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Obviously I own and run this site among numerous other sites which I cross advertise from one to the other to keep folks visiting and keep thing interesting. But today I was thinking about what really motivates me. It turns out that it is quite simple. I love the rush of challenges/learning.

Yep, it is that simple. When I decided to take a really old PC, by today’s tech standards, and make it into a viable web server I simply had to learn new stuff. So in a matter of a few months I learned how to run a server on a virtual machine, what I needed to make that machine reliable and then how to fix it when it got hacked a bit.

Turns out that each database failure taught me new lessons. Every upgrade brought new hills to climb and that every experiment taught me something.

The real truth is I look forward to coming home from work and finding that I need to change or upgrade something! I am completely bored when the server chugs on and backups work perfectly and there is simply nothing new to learn.

For instance a few month’s back I was getting a zillion comments from sites that were obviously trying to use for promotions and or to lure folks into their phishing sites. So what did I do? I learned to use my cheap router to block many an IP address and then spent a few hours learning how to use IPTables in Linux to block whole IP blocks. It was a royal pain in the ass, but, I got to learn new stuff and it turns out that today, or any average day I only end up having to block at most, 2 Chinese sites, from attempted hacks, advertising posts or simple mischief.

When I first started this site/server, I figured my issues would be with too many folks wanting a free site and then installing plugins that simply killed the server. Turns out that apparently I have misjudged humanity at large because only 1 person has actually bothered to setup a site and very few, if any folks visit this site, except those with bad intent.

So that’s where I am at currently. When are you going to step up, ask for a site and try it out? It will give me something to do. I enjoy helping folks and teaching what little I know to others. So register today, after reading the rules, and then follow the damned simple instructions.

That is all…


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