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61fpMJgQvEL._SL1000_So back in May I mentioned the urge to purchase a Windows 10 Tablet and I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a very nice 10.1 inch Chuwi HiBook tablet that is actually a dual boot device.

So the first thing I did, after Microcrud did a zillion updates, was to throw a Linux Virtual Machine (hereafter referred to as a VM), onto the new device!

The results so far are quite impressive! The server responds very fast and works just about flawlessly in Winders 10 on a Linux 64- bit VM. So check out the website by clicking here! Note: Occasionally the site may be running on a different device such as my Dragon Touch X10 Android tablet or my Asus X553SA notebook. Trust me, you will know which device is active simply by looking at the header image.

The specs on the VM are:

  • The VM is running on VMware 12
  • Debian Linux 8.4
  • 1.7 gb ram
  • WordPress is the content manager
  • The tablet is on Windows 10
  • Total Tablet ram is 4gb

The latest video is right here:


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UPDATE: Newest Project, Virtual Machine, on a Tablet, Yes, it Works!
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