So tonight is a good night...all is running well and I am happy with the state of things.

I realized tonight that I might be doing something that no one else on earth is doing…

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You know you need a blog? Yep! Only $125/hr and Tim will have you running on the latest Linux!

Yes my friends, Tim works dirt cheap! You are welcome to check around first and then …

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A few How To's on Virtual Machines

Like all my sites, this site is just another Virtual Machine run off of VMware and ex…

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I wrote about this the other day...but I am so impressed with this, I MUST mention it again!

I recently decided to go back to playing with running a server off of a tablet and to…

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Since my last post a lot has changed. I have had complete success running a web server inside of a Virtual Machine (VM) on a Windows 10 tablet! Is this cool? Oh, hell yes! But is anyone else doing this? No as far as I can tell.

That is too bad, because the Chuwi HiBook can easily run 9 hrs without a charge and be recharged will running over night. Of course you folks are thinking why would I do this? The answer is simple, you can setup a very effective busines site and deliver news about your products and services and have complete control of the site and NOT pay a big fee per month.

Checkout the sites listed in my RSS Feeds……why yes, they all run either on a Mini-PC…or a Chuwi HiBook Tablet! Remove head=from-ass, learn some stuff, or hire a local geek and get on the damned internet!

That is all.


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That VM Project Was a Complete Success, Tablet, Windows 10, Linux VM…and YES!
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