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This post originally appeared on another of my websites, but I thought it worth sharing here.

So last night and tonight I was outside enjoying the nice spring evenings and I looked up and what did I see? Yes, it was the moon.

That brought me back to a simpler time. A time when the world was relatively peaceful and when I was a mere 10 years of age. It was also a time of fear, worry and the very real possibility that the Russians and ourselves here in the USA would annihilate each other using our vast nuclear arsenals.

But that summer something happened, something amazing, something that made time stand still, if only for a few hours. Because all over the world, we looked towards the heavens and knew, I mean we KNEW that Americans were about to set foot on the Moon.

This was no simple feat, this was simply amazing. In a time where the computers were less than reliable, hand programmed and had a whopping 64 KB of memory, yes KILOBYTES, we put 3 men into a tin can and sent them to a place 250,000 miles from our relatively nice planet.

Now the point of all this typing, is that we did latch on to all sorts of German scientists at the end of World War II, and yes we did use them to create/design  ICBM’s but unlike the Russians, or for that matter ANY other country on earth we took the best and the brightest and along with our our home grown folks put them to work to do something amazing. Something no one else has done, something no one else has even come close to doing.

We put 3 guys up into orbit about the Moon and then we landed 2 of them on the surface, took pictures, recovered samples and brought them home safely.  Then we did it again, and again, with the exception of Apollo 13, all the way to Apollo 17 and we even managed to do something no other nation would think about. We put several cars on the moon! Yeah, we are Americans and if your are going somewhere you need a car! Sure we called them lunar rovers, but they were superior in many ways to any of the early cars seen on this planet!

You may be wondering what the point of this article is. Well, the point is, Americans think beyond borders, think beyond preconceived notions and do things that no one ever thought was possible. Now if you don’t think that way, or you think we should share with the rest of the world, who believe in stupid crap like moronic religions, or self serving violence, then you need to take your happy ass over to those countries and stay the hell out of the greatest nation on earth.

Because on July 20th, 1969, we proved, once and for all, that the American spirit will live on forever and continue to expand. The rest of the world is welcome to their petty squabbles, we have better things to do and it is damned sure time we got back to them!

Take a look up at the night sky tonight and if you are an American be proud and remember.


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It only takes a look at the night sky to realize why Americans are different and yes, better.
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