Newest Project, Tablet with Windows 10, running Linux in a VM!

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A few How To's on Virtual Machines

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That VM Project Was a Complete Success, Tablet, Windows 10, Linux VM...and YES!

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Just figured I would post a bit more self-promotional stuff, because I can.

This site does exist for one reason only and that is to promote ME! So without furthe…

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About a year and a half ago I setup a website called Tim’s Tablet Server. It now is the busiest site I run and looks much different from the day it appeared at this address:

Today it resides on this virtual machine running in Linux off a Win7 Dell. But I got myself a new tablet and if you click the link at the bottom of this page, you may occasionally be able to connect to my nice little LogiTab web server.

The LogiTab is just a name I coined for my Dragon Touch X10 Tablet and the Bluetooth Logitech Keyboard and optical Logitech mouse I use with it.

The webserver runs using the Android KSWeb app and does a respectable job of serving up a light duty WordPress server.

You can view the server (when the tablet is on), at or learn more about it at

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