Newest Project, Tablet with Windows 10, running Linux in a VM!

My latest project is going to be a 10.1 inch (or perhaps larger) Tablet, running Wind…

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Just figured I would post a bit more self-promotional stuff, because I can.

This site does exist for one reason only and that is to promote ME! So without furthe…

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So tonight is a good night...all is running well and I am happy with the state of things.

I realized tonight that I might be doing something that no one else on earth is doing…

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logo-revive If you are looking for a free, open source, database driven, ad server then you should check out Revive. It is full of options, has lots of documentation and is relatively easy to setup and run. I am running it using the same domain as where my demo vLot website runs,  I use it to serve various ads on my different websites and it works quite well.

Initially it took me about an hour to get it up and running and figure out the basics of using it. So if you want to rotate some ads using some php/MySql wizardry and have stats, ad-weighting, targeting and many other options, I suggest checking it out.

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