This post was posted on the site that hosts THIS site, but I thought it to be worth sharing.

Obviously I own and run this site among numerous other sites which I cross advertise …

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That VM Project Was a Complete Success, Tablet, Windows 10, Linux VM...and YES!

Since my last post a lot has changed. I have had complete success running a web serve…

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Newest Project, Tablet with Windows 10, running Linux in a VM!

My latest project is going to be a 10.1 inch (or perhaps larger) Tablet, running Wind…

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vlot2If you happen to own/run a small car dealership and have access to any decent high speed internet connection then you should be checking out  the vLot script listed on my projects page.

Now perhaps you are a bit hesitant to run a script from your own PC and of course that is where Tim comes in! For a small setup cost I will host your site and guide you through maintaining it!

How much you say? How does $100 bucks sound to get yourself someone who can set you up, get you running and help you learn to run your site?  Beyond getting you going and a yearly hosting fee, after the first year, that is your total cost!

On the other hand, you could pay me the standard $25/hr for editing/maintaining and otherwise keeping your site running. I can do that also. As usual, I suggest you use the form at the bottom right of this page to send me your questions and inquiries.

You want to see a basic setup? Check out this site.

You may also want to view the video I recently made that shows some of the features of this incredibly quick and easy to use software. It is simply amazing how fast this script runs and performs on a server that is under powered and a few years old!

Just watch below! I do apologize for the music and the bad editing, but seriously folks, I am NOT in the movie making business.

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