So one day you have a website, and then suddenly you are running too many to keep track of!

This happens all too often to many of us here on planet internet-earth. One day w…

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You know you need a blog? Yep! Only $125/hr and Tim will have you running on the latest Linux!

Yes my friends, Tim works dirt cheap! You are welcome to check around first and then …

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So tonight is a good night...all is running well and I am happy with the state of things.

I realized tonight that I might be doing something that no one else on earth is doing…

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Welcome to my New Site!

This site is here to point to all my other sites and to my resume and to offer genera…

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Tim is a freelance technical writer, writing on hardware and software subjects related to blogging and everyday use high-tech items such as tablets, PC’s and Notebooks and even smartphones.

He has more than 20 years of experience with computers, related hardware and electronics.

He is also a web guru, maintaining more than 6 websites, and does his own hosting using a virtual machine and even manages to run a server off one of his tablets.

If you would like him to review or test one of your products go to the home page and fill out the contact form.

He is also available for technical consulting on PC/Network projects.

Follow Tim on Twitter @tl1000rzx2
Or check out my other blog: Tim's Incredibly Conservative Blog
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