You know you need a blog? Yep! Only $125/hr and Tim will have you running on the latest Linux!

Yes my friends, Tim works dirt cheap! You are welcome to check around first and then …

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This post was posted on the site that hosts THIS site, but I thought it to be worth sharing.

Obviously I own and run this site among numerous other sites which I cross advertise …

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Just figured I would post a bit more self-promotional stuff, because I can.

This site does exist for one reason only and that is to promote ME! So without furthe…

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I am always trying out something. Whether it be some old CGI script or a php script that looks interesting. At the top of my list is the super easy to use and set-up vLot script for small car dealers. It runs fast, is easily customizeable and can be run off any small virtual machine.

I have one already setup and running for my good friends in town here at Stallon’s used cars. They have some of the best deals on low priced, low mileage cars anywhere in America.

The site isn’t a full blown server, because I simply don’t have the time to maintain it as such, since I already maintain their regular paid hosting site. But this vLot PHP script has potential, especially if you happen to have a limited Internet budget.

There are 2 ways to download the slightly edited and modified script that includes instructions. I have recently dumped the extra files such as the TurnKey Linux ISO to make the actual script faster and easier to down load. If you already have a server on Linux this will be easy, if not get your own copy of Turnkey Linux from this site!

Site 1 – probably faster

Site 2 – Local and slows down my server.

You can check the site out here.

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