This post was posted on the site that hosts THIS site, but I thought it to be worth sharing.

Obviously I own and run this site among numerous other sites which I cross advertise …

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So anyone out there looking for a Health Insurance Agent?

Just posting this up here, because at last count I am now licensed in 30 states. Not …

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So tonight is a good night...all is running well and I am happy with the state of things.

I realized tonight that I might be doing something that no one else on earth is doing…

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feeds2JS1Feeds2JS will allow you to create a short piece of Javascript and insert any RSS feed you want on your web site!

The feeds at the top of the right sidebar are an example….the ones below that are created via a plugin. Both work equally well. The lower one created via this script and the top one created via the Feedzy Plugin.


If you would like to try it out, feel free! Just click either the image above or this link.

If you would like to get this particular piece of software, just go here.


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